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Protecting your privacy is important to PAPTAC. PAPTAC discloses its information practices on its websites, including the types of information it seeks and collects, how it uses them and third parties with whom it shares them.

PAPTAC has implemented these practices on its homepage ( It also instructs all its webmasters to include information about its privacy practices wherever personal information is collected at one of its sites.

Personal Information

In general, you may browse PAPTAC sites without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information about yourself. However, it may happen that PAPTAC or its partners may require certain information about you.

You may be required to provide PAPTAC with personal information in a variety of situations. For example, you may be required to provide PAPTAC with information such as your name, address and email, which may be necessary to correspond with you, process an order, or provide you with a subscription/registration/membership.

You might provide PAPTAC with information about your credit card in order to make a purchase from PAPTAC or provide a description of your training and work experience in the event you wish to apply for a position.

PAPTAC intends to tell you how it will use this information before it collects it from you. If you advise PAPTAC that you do not wish it to use this information to communicate with you subsequently, it will respect your request. If you provide PAPTAC with personal information about another person, such as a spouse or co-worker, PAPTAC will assume that person has authorized you to do so.

Use and Sharing of Personal Information

The following sections describe more specifically how PAPTAC can use your personal information and with whom it can share it. Depending on the type of PAPTAC website you visit, one or more of these paragraphs may apply. For example, if you order a product from one of its websites, your information will be treated as described, in the sections “Processing Transaction Requests” and “Use for Marketing Purposes”.

Processing Transaction Requests

If you are applying from a PAPTAC website (for example, if you are requesting a product or service, an e-mail request, or specific marketing materials), PAPTAC will use the information you provide to respond to your request.

To achieve this, PAPTAC may share information with its related entities or third parties, such as other in-house units, business partners, financial institutions, transportation companies, postal or government and the customs authorities in the processing of the application. In connection with a transaction, PAPTAC can also communicate with you through its client satisfaction surveys or market research.

Use for Marketing Purposes

The information that you provide to PAPTAC on some of its websites may also be used by PAPTAC and third parties designated for marketing purposes. However, before using your information, PAPTAC will give you the option of choosing whether or not you wish to have your information used this way.

Human Resources Websites (including recruitment)

If you are applying or searching for a position (either posted on a PAPTAC website or otherwise communicated), you may be required to provide information about yourself, such as a resumé.

PAPTAC may use this information within its related entities for the purpose of evaluating your application or as part of your research. PAPTAC will retain this information for further analysis, unless you instruct it not to retain it.

Business Partner Information

If you represent a business partner, you might visit a PAPTAC website specifically for business partners. PAPTAC may use the information provided on such site to manage and develop its business relationship with you, the business partner you represent, and PAPTAC’s business partners in general.

This may include, for example, the use of your information to send you detailed information about its trading partners’ programs and the sharing of certain information with other trading partners (subject to Confidentiality), PAPTAC customers or potential customers.

In connection with a particular transaction or program, PAPTAC can also communicate with you through customer satisfaction surveys or market research.

Supplier Management

If you represent a supplier, you might visit a PAPTAC website specifically for suppliers. PAPTAC may use the information provided on such site in connection with a transaction with you.

This may include, for example, sharing information with other units internally, business partners, customers, transportation companies, financial institutions, postal or government authorities in the transaction. This information can also be used to manage and develop its relationship with you, the supplier you represent, and other PAPTAC suppliers in general.


If you are participating in a PAPTAC discussion group, you should be aware that the information you provide is made generally available to third parties (inside or outside PAPTAC) who have access to this group of discussion.

Please also note that each discussion group may be subject to additional regulations and conditions. In a discussion group, a participant’s opinion is specific to the participant and cannot be interpreted as PAPTAC’s opinion.

Other Websites Notices

In some cases, specific websites owned by PAPTAC may contain other notices regarding their use and the privacy practices applicable to such sites.

  • PAPTAC worldwide practices
  • PAPTAC is a global organization with legal entities, business processes, management structures and cross-border technical systems.
  • PAPTAC’s privacy practices are designed to protect your personal information around the world.
  • PAPTAC can share your personal information internally and transfer it to the countries where it does business.

Some countries may offer less legal protection for your information. Regardless of the country, PAPTAC will process the information as described herein.

Quality and Security of Information

PAPTAC undertakes to protect your personal information to the best of its ability by implementing appropriate measures and processes, such as the use of encryption when transmitting certain sensitive information to help protect your information.

Further information

Where applicable, PAPTAC may supplement the information you provide to PAPTAC through a PAPTAC website with information from other sources, such as information used to validate your address or other information, to help it maintain the accuracy of the information it collects and to provide a better service.

Use of suppliers

In some cases, PAPTAC uses vendors to collect, use, analyze and otherwise process information on its behalf. According to its practices, PAPTAC requires that these suppliers process the information in accordance with its policies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Circumstances may arise where, for strategic reasons or for other business reasons, PAPTAC decides to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganize companies in certain countries. Such transactions may include the disclosure of personal information to actual or potential purchasers, or the receipt of such information disclosed by vendors. According to its practices, PAPTAC will seek an appropriate level of protection for the information that is the subject of these types of transactions.

Witnesses, Web Beacons and Other Technologies

From time to time, in order to provide better customer service, PAPTAC collects anonymous information from visitors to its websites. For example, it takes into account information on visitor domains and measures the activity that they generate on their websites, but does so using methods that ensure the anonymity of the information collected. This anonymous information is sometimes referred to as “course data”.

PAPTAC or third parties on its behalf may use this data to analyze trends or compile statistics and thus provide better customer service.

In addition, if PAPTAC collects some of your personal information in connection with a transaction, it may extract, in an anonymous format, information about that transaction and combine it with other anonymous information, such as the course data. This anonymous information is used and analyzed only in a holistic way to help PAPTAC understand the trends. This information is not analyzed on an individual basis. If you do not want your transaction details to be used in this way, you can disable cookies.

PAPTAC collects the information described in the preceding paragraphs using a variety of technologies, including “witnesses”. A cookie is a piece of information that a Website sends to your browser and that the browser can eventually save to your system as an anonymous tag that identifies your computer and not your person. To better meet your needs, when you return to the website, the PAPTAC or its third-party providers use these cookies or other technologies on certain pages. You can set your browser to notify you of the presence of cookies, leaving you the option to accept them or not. You can also set your browser to turn cookies off. However, if you do, some websites might not work properly.

Some PAPTAC websites also use “Web beacons” or other technologies; which makes it possible to better adapt these sites to offer better customer service. These technologies may be used in several pages of Websites. If a visitor accesses one of these pages, an anonymous notice relating to this visit is generated and can then be processed by PAPTAC or its suppliers. Web beacons usually work with cookies. If you do not want your cookie information to be associated with your visits to these pages, you can set your browser to turn off cookies.

If you turn cookies off, web beacons and other technologies will still detect your visits to these pages, but the generated notifications cannot be associated with other anonymous cookies and will not be taken into account.

Service quality control

Some Web transactions may include a phone call between you and PAPTAC. Please note that the control, and in some cases the recording, of these calls for staff training, security or quality assurance is part of its routine practice.

Online Advertising

Some companies help PAPTAC to make interactive online advertising, such as banner ads. These companies can collect and use customer information to help PAPTAC understand what types of offers, promotions and advertisements attract the most customers. The information collected is then assembled so that it cannot be associated with a specific person.

Custom URL Links

Occasionally, PAPTAC may customize websites for certain visitors. You may want to visit one of these personalized sites, which includes references to products or services that may be of interest to you, depending on your past interaction with the site and the information you provided. When you visit these websites, PAPTAC may collect information about your visits in order to better adapt these sites to your interests.

Invitations to visit these websites usually come in the form of a personalized URL link in an email, notice on the website sign-up page, or as a response when you log on to a particular website.

If you choose to visit any of these websites, you agree that it collects information about your visits and that it links them to other information about you and your relationship with PAPTAC. If you do not want your information to be used in this way, do not agree to visit these sites.

Disclosures Required by Law

Please note that in certain circumstances, personal information may need to be disclosed as a result of subpoenas, warrants or judicial or government orders.

Technology in terms of protection of privacy

Increasingly, technology will help you have more control over your personal information. It will also be useful for organizations to manage their privacy practices and policies. As an information technology provider, PAPTAC is actively supporting the development of privacy technologies to facilitate the achievement of these objectives and to build confidence in the means used to address personal information.

There are other products and services available that can help protect your personal information when you browse the web. Please see ( for an overview of much privacy-related tools. Please note that PAPTAC has not formally evaluated these tools.

Links to Non-PAPTAC Websites

PAPTAC websites may contain links to other websites. PAPTAC assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of these websites.

Notification of Changes

This privacy statement was last updated on October 15, 2007. A notice will be posted on the PAPTAC home page for thirty (30) days each time this document is amended in important ways.

Access and Privacy Issues

If you have any questions about this statement, you can email the PAPTAC website coordinator. You may also contact PAPTAC at the same address if you have a question about the processing of your information, if you wish to obtain a copy of certain information you provided to us, or if the information is inaccurate and you would like to have it corrected. However, before you disclose information or correct any error, PAPTAC may ask you to provide certain information to enable it to verify your identity or respond to your request. PAPTAC will endeavour to respond to requests within an appropriate timeframe.

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